Monday, 9 July 2012

Ditchling Beacon to Hassocks (and the Fuji X Pro 1)

A very peaceful walk from the top of Ditchling Beacon to Hassocks along the South Downs last Sunday.

This was the first photo-walk in a long time without my film cameras or my 5D - instead opting for the new FujiFilm X Pro 1, the Fujinon 35mm lens and an adapted OM version of the Sigma 16mm Filtermatic fisheye film lens - used for the wide shots.

After reading so much about the camera it was great to finally try it out for myself, and I can honestly say given enough time I could probably write a book on just how many ups and downs I've experienced with the camera, its operational quirks, the semi-successful implementation of film-era design sensibilities and incredibly challenging learning curve - but I think everything that could have ever been written, has been covered in the numerous reviews and tests posted on the internet in the last 4 months.

Needless to say, I love how the images came out - and like many mirror-less cameras, the Fuji has an incredible knack for breathing life back into very old lenses, I rarely ever take wide angle photographs, but with a slow and considered approach, the ability to hit perfect focus time after time on a tricky manual lens was too good to resist.

Ditchling Beacon to Hassocks - Click here to view the full set

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